Shitennoji Temple The Most Established Buddhist Sanctuary In Japan With 5 Story Pagoda, Wonderful Nursery, Flea Market, And Doya Festival

Shitennoji Temple is a Buddhist sanctuary situated in Osaka and is celebrated for its 5-story pagoda, turtle-filled lakes and an exceptional even structural style. The sanctuary is perhaps the most seasoned hallowed place in Japan, set up in 593 by Prince Shotoku, who assumes a significant job in acquainting Buddhism with Japan. In spite of the fact that this sanctuary has an extremely long history, however the greater part of the first structures have been demolished, and the structure is currently an aftereffect of being remade that was held in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Kuil Shitennoji Kuil Buddha Tertua di Jepang Dengan Pagoda 5 Tingkat, Taman Indah, Flea Market, dan Festival Doya Doya
Kuil Shitennoji Kuil Buddha Tertua di Jepang Dengan Pagoda 5 Tingkat, Taman Indah, Flea Market, dan Festival Doya Doya

The name of this sanctuary is gotten from the word Shitenno, 4 lords of divine beings who keep the world from abhorrent spirits as indicated by Buddhism. The sanctuary has broad grounds with numerous structures, lakes, parks, and cemeteries. A large portion of the structures outwardly can be seen for nothing out of pocket, yet there are a few areas that are required to pay to have the option to enter. Among them are Chushin Garan or complex in altars, Treasure House, and Gokurakujodo Park.

This Chushin Garan incorporates Kondo or the principle corridor, Kodo or auditorium, and 5-story pagoda. One of its principle highlights is the 5-story pagoda that incorporates the statue of Kannon, the goddess of absolution. The Pagoda can be entered from the fundamental corridor, where guests are not permitted to take photos.

The Treasure House in the eastern piece of the sanctuary complex grandstands an assortment of records, Buddhist statues, works of art, and hallowed antiques that are generally recorded as national riches.

Gokurakujodo is a recreation center named after the Buddhist heaven. The recreation center is exceptionally wonderful and open with a walk, lake and bunches of lovely Sakura trees in the spring. The confirmation expense is 300 yen for grown-ups, and 200 yen for schoolchildren and understudies.

Doya Festival held every year on January fourteenth praising the finish of 14 days of clique after the new Year. At this celebration numerous youngsters are watered by chilly water while contending in groups. The practically stripped young people additionally yelled “Doya, Doya” during the movement, and obviously it pulled in a great deal of consideration for the guests.

Furthermore, there is additionally a Shitennoji Flea Market occasion held each 21st and 22nd of consistently. Right now there are numerous nourishment corners and product, for example, earthenware production, specialties, garments, and even remarkable and antique things that are more than 100 years of age.

Shitennoji Temple

Address: Osaka, Osaka, Tennoji, Shitennoji 1-11-18

Opening times: Year-round 08.30 – 16.30 (October – March to 16.00)

Cost: There are 3 places that are required to pay, specifically Chushin Garan, Treasure House, and Gokurakujodo going from 300 yen – 500 yen.

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