Paintings | 2009 & Older

All works on this page were created in 2009 or earlier. *click image to enlarge*


Oil on Panel

Famished - Detail

Oil on Panel

A Quiet Moment before the Guests Arrived

Oil, Latex, Acrylic, Fabric, 36"x48"

Absinthe and Motor Oil

Oil on Panel, 36"x48"

One Thing I Think I Know

Oil, Latex on Canvas, 48"x30"

Indicator Indicator

Oil on Panel, 30"x42"

Distinguished Wives of the Ornithological Society

Oil, Latex, Acrylic, and Fabric, 30"x36"

Some or Other Putrefaction

Diptych, Oil on Panel, 24"x36" ea.

Ode to a Trematode

Oil on Panel, 30"x40"

l'esprit d'escalier

Mixed Media, 40"x50"


Oil on Panel, 30"x42"


Oil on Panel 24"x36"


Oil on Panel, 24"x36"

Bird Factory

Oil on Panel, 36"x48"